Tucker Carlson tries to claim that his comments about Ilhan Omar are not racist

Tucker Carlson tries to claim that his comments about Ilhan Omar are not racist

Tucker Carlson has hit back at Democrat congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who called him a “racist fool” after he said she “hates” America and is “dangerous to this country.”

He went on to say the Somalia-born congresswoman’s history is “proof” that American immigration has “become dangerous to this country.”

Following intense backlash over his comments on his Fox News show, he has attempted to clarify his comments by saying “race is irrelevant.”

According to The Hill, he said: “They didn’t rebut our points, or even acknowledge them. They just tried to silence us. That’s how they operate. And of course, they called us racist. On one level, that’s amusing, given how absurd the charge is.”

Racist? No. We’re against racism, adamantly. Omar consistently puts her own race at the centre of the conversation, but to us it’s irrelevant.

On Wednesday during his show, Carlson went on defend himself by comparing Omar to another Somali refugee, author Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who he said “loves and cares about the United States” and believes "our country is superior to the country she came from.”

Two Somali immigrants. One, among the most impressive people in America. The other, among the least. It’s not about race.

He added:

 Now it’s routine to hear Democratic presidential candidates question the basic legitimacy of the United States.

Even supposed moderates, like Joe Biden, join in.

That should worry you. No country can survive being ruled by people who hate it. We deserve better.

Though Omar has yet to respond, she did share a tweet from Democrat Jim McGovern criticising Carlson, writing:

@ilhan is more of an American than you‘ll ever be. The highest form of patriotism is calling your country to a higher standard. But all you know how to do is call people names on your pathetic & ignorant tv show. It’s time for @FoxNews to fire you.

She also thanked Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee after he wrote a tweet in support of her.

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