Fox News host surprised to learn Joe Biden runs the White House

Fox News host surprised to learn Joe Biden runs the White House

A Fox News anchor appeared to be shocked to learn that President Joe Biden actually runs the White House.

During a segment of Fox “Straight News”, host Harris Faulkner was having a discussion with former White House press secretary and Fox News contributor Ari Fleischer.

In the interview, Faulkner asked Fleischer: “Who’s running the White House in your estimation? You’ve been inside, you know what it looks like. Is it fair to continue to question that?”

In quick succession, Fleischer responded: “Unequivocally, it’s Joe Biden. It is.”

Faulkner questioned, “you think it is?” and appeared genuinely taken aback by the suggestion that the president of the United States is in charge of the official residence.

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Fleisher replied: “Absolutely. He sets the tone, he sets the pattern.”

The host then asked him why he believes Biden “turn[s] his back to the media most of the time”.

Fleisher responded matter-of-factly: “Because he doesn’t want to talk to the media, because he’s running the show and he gets to make those decisions.

“Look, I think it’s overstated to make the case that it’s his advisors, it’s other people.

“Presidents make the call, Presidents make the decision and Joe Biden is well enough that he is making those decisions. So it’s Joe Biden, he’s just making the wrong decisions.”

Fleischer’s comments fly in the face of an ongoing right-wing conspiracy that Biden is incapacitated, senile and unfit to serve as president.

Fox News’ senior political analyst Brit Hume even previously claimed on air that Biden is senile during the presidential debates last year.

Hume said: “I don’t have any doubt Biden’s senile, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to show up tonight.”

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