Outrage as Fox News host claims Trump supporters are ‘justified’

Outrage as Fox News host claims Trump supporters are ‘justified’

A Fox News has attempted to rationalise the violence that took place earlier this week as thousands of Trump supporting rioters broke into the Capitol.

The majority of Republican Senators have condemned the attack - despite some contrary gestures that took place prior to it - but that hasn’t stopped Trump’s mouthpiece from trying to downplay the destruction.

Host Greg Gutfeld has a record of being pretty unsavoury on the network at times. 

In his latest hot take, he suggested that those involved in the MAGA-driven violence were “justified” due to their distrust in well, everything.

"There is no way to turn this back. You have millions of people who do not trust their institutions, and you know what? They are justified. You can’t trust the media, because they lie to you. You can’t trust the elections, because there is fraud!”

The heated discussion took place alongside four other panelists on Fox’s ‘The Five’, which Gutfeld is responsible for leading.

Not every Fox News contributor has blindly followed Trump’s rhetoric over the past few months.

Democrat and fellow host Juan Williams steps in to dispute Gutfeld’s claims of distrust and disillusionment, stating Trump supporters were “fed lies" and “incited”.

Clearly exasperated, he also reminds his co-host that accusations of electoral fraud have been disproven, but doesn’t get very far before the debate descends into childlike chaos, with Gutfeld impatiently carrying the conversation back to himself.

Though the majority of the Republican establishment has condemned the events of this week, some just won’t loosen their grip on the belief that Donald Trump can do no wrong.

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