John Oliver calls Fox News host ‘breathtakingly stupid’ after Iran comments

John Oliver blasted Fox News on Sunday night after one of their hosts dismissed a potential war with Iran as being "just a video game".

Speaking about the heightening tensions with Iran over the last few days, HBO's Last Week Tonight host said that Trump's "change of heart" nearly "brought us on the brink of war".

The comedian noted how the president's actions got him stuck between "warring factions" in both his administration as well as his favourite news network.

Picking apart some of Fox News' hosts comments on the recent international dispute, Oliver said:

Some anchors were very pro-war, like Sean Hannity, while Greg Gutfeld had an interesting theory as to why war with Iran would be virtually painless.

He then played a clip, showing Greg Gutfelt speaking to a group of Fox News reporters on the channel last week, saying:

We are now in a time where it doesn't matter how large your population is because the population is no longer expendable in war.

It's now about the machines that you have. Drones are now replacing bones, so it will be stuff versus stuff, and fortunately for us, we have the best stuff.

Raising his eyebrows at the video, while the audience laughed on, the British commentator said:

That is breathtakingly stupid.

If someone said that to me at a dinner party, my response would be, ‘Excuse me, this child is drunk. someone gave him wine — I don’t know who — but he’s ranting like a lunatic about how war is all stuff versus stuff now. He needs to be put to bed.’

Watch the full clip here.

HT Daily Beast

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