Fox & Friends hosts dismiss Trump voter fraud allegations and liken his claims to ‘anarchy’

Fox & Friends hosts dismiss Trump voter fraud allegations and liken his claims to ‘anarchy’

During his entire presidency, Donald Trump has counted on the support of Fox News to prop up his many controversial policies and defend his unprecedented outbursts.

However, in the weeks since he lost the election to Joe Biden, many conservative media outlets that have previously been partisan towards Trump have begun to turn on him as he promotes baseless claims about voter fraud

Fox & Friends, which is the morning show on Fox News, and which Trump has appeared on many times, is now starting to grow weary of Trump’s constant claims which have so far produced no evidence

Ahead of Tuesday’s run-off election in Georgia, Trump has managed to land himself in more trouble after he was recorded seeming to pressure officials into reversing the results in his favour

On Monday’s Fox & Friends, co-host Ainsley Earhardt repeated many of the same claims that Trump made in that phone call but her colleague Steve Doocy wasn’t having any of it.

Doocy, who admitted that he had read the entire transcript of the phone call, said: “That’s the case that Donald Trump and his lawyers have put out. They said there is all this evidence but they haven’t really produced the evidence. Ultimately is this going to make any difference, probably not.”

Brian Kilmeade, the third host on Fox & Friends, was equally sceptical of Trump’s claims and went as far as to liken the president’s actions to‘ anarchy’ especially ahead of the election in Georgia.

He said: “I just worry about you have that along with the protest the president is calling for on Tuesday and Wednesday. I mean, this is the type of anarchy that doesn’t work for anybody, Republicans or Democrats in the big picture. And I just think it’s up to the president’s legal team to produce what they are telling them they have. If they have 200 dead people voting in Nevada, can I see the names? So far, there is just no proof of it.”

Doocy chimed back in and further rejected more of Trump’s conspiracy theories, which many of his most loyal supporters have parroted on television and social media.

“There have been a number of the president’s supporters who have said things on TV or on social media that have, you know, clouded the waters where it’s like wow, thousands of dead people. Dominion machines and all that stuff. But interestingly enough, that information is never entered into a court because you cannot present information to a court if you do not have the evidence. And so far we haven’t seen the evidence. Maybe today at noon bring out the evidence but we haven’t seen the evidence.”

Trump has seen numerous legal cases rejected by courts across the country for lack of evidence and those that have gone to court have produced nothing that could be considered as voter fraud.

With just weeks remaining of his presidency talks of impeachment are already being brought up again following the release of the Georgia phone call.  

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