France changed its flag a year ago and no-one noticed

<p>France Olympics Paris 2024</p>

France Olympics Paris 2024

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Somehow, we all missed that France changed the blue part of the country flag to a darker navy shade about a year ago.

Yes, it’s true: France has a new flag. The detail went largely unnoticed—until now. Apparently, French President Emmanuel Macron made the decision to change the color from Marian Blue to navy in July 2020.

The color change marks the return to the darker shade that was used before 1976, when then-president Valéry Giscard d'Estaing introduced the brighter hue in an effort to better match the European Union's flag.

The subtle change can be seen in a side-by-side comparison below.

The navy hue is seen as a tip of the hat to the French Revolution as well as a "very political" attempt to reconnect with the past, French site Europe 1 reported. Because of this, many have theorized online that the new flag signals a rift between France and the Europe Union

However, presidential aides have denied the rumor to media: “There is no ‘blue war’, it’s nonsense,.”

The Elysée's director of operations, Arnaud Jolens, told Euro News that the cost of the flag change is €5,000.

"The President of the Republic (Emmanuel Macron) has chosen for the tricolour flags that adorn the Élysée Palace the navy blue that evokes the imagination of the Volunteers of Year II, the Poilus of 1914 and the Compagnons de la Libération of Free France," the Presidency said to media.

The statement added: "It is also the blue of the flag that has always flown under the Arc de Triomphe every (Armistice Day) 11 November.”

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