Frankie Boyle just summed up the problem with the far right Cenotaph protest in a nutshell

Frankie Boyle just summed up the problem with the far right Cenotaph protest in a nutshell
Far-right counter-protesters clash with police during pro-Palestine march
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Over 126 arrests were made on Saturday (11 November) after a swarm of far-right thugs clashed with officers.

"The extreme violence from the right-wing protesters towards the police today was extraordinary and deeply concerning," Met Police Assistant Commissioner Matt Twist said. "They arrived early, stating they were there to protect monuments, but some were already intoxicated, aggressive and clearly looking for confrontation.

"Abuse was directed at officers protecting the Cenotaph, including chants of ‘you’re not English any more.'"

He went on to say that the group were "largely football hooligans across the UK" who spent "most of the day attacking or threatening officers who were seeking to prevent them being able to confront the main march."

"Many in these groups were stopped and searched and weapons including a knife, a baton and knuckleduster were found – as well as class A drugs," Twist continued. "Thanks to the considerable efforts of our officers, who put themselves in harm’s way, nobody was able to reach the Cenotaph, which was protected at all times."

Frankie Boyle has since summed up the behaviour perfectly in a single tweet.

"Trying to defend something you don’t understand from a threat that doesn’t exist is British far-right politics in a nutshell," he shared, along with Sky News footage from Saturday.

In a comment piece in the Sunday Telegraph, Sir Keir Starmer said few public figures "have done more recently to whip up division" and said Suella Braverman and the Prime Minister’s treatment of the police and protesters showed a "lack of respect for this country’s values and its principles".

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said it was "disturbing" to see the violence towards police and if the Prime Minister does not sack Braverman, "he’s too weak or agrees with her".

"Sadly, these scenes were predictable after a week of efforts from some to stoke tension," Khan wrote in the Sunday Mirror.

"They were a direct result of the Home Secretary’s words and behaviour."

"If Suella Braverman had any honour she would resign – and if not, Rishi Sunak should sack her."

Nine officers were injured as they prevented a crowd reaching the Cenotaph with Commissioner Matt Twist calling their "extreme violence" towards the police "extraordinary and deeply concerning."

"A week of intense debate about protest and policing” helped “increase community tensions," he said.

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