Melanie Segard is 21 year old and from France.

She has Down's syndrome and on Tuesday night she fulfilled her dream of presenting the weather on national television.

Having received four days of training from France 2's weather team, she hosted a segment of the forecast, thanks to the campaign "Melanie peut le faire", set up by a French charity to promote disability awareness and inclusion.

Melanie told Le Parisien:

I'm different, but I'd like to show everyone that I can do a lot of things.

It's work! But it's OK. My dream was to show people the weather.

And this can open doors to other people with disabilities.

The campaign was set up by the charity Unapei, whose services are used by 200,000 people.

It was launched on 26 February via a Facebook page, which achieved 100,000 likes in 36 hours.

Unapei's president Luc Gateau told La Croix:

Symbolically, it's very important that a young woman with an intellectual disability can stand before millions of French people and do something close to her heart.


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