On Friday the 13th flight 666 landed in HEL

Harriet Marsden@harriet1marsden
Saturday 14 January 2017 09:15

Now we're not saying we're superstitious.

We're not scared when a black cat crosses our path, and nothing cataclysmic has ever happened over spilt salt.

Touch wood.

But there probably is such a thing as tempting fate - like taking a flight on Friday the 13th for example.

To be precise: Flight 666 (the number of the beast).

Travelling to HEL...

At roughly 13:00 (on Friday 13th), the Finnair flight 666 departed from Copenhagen (country code: CPH) to Helsinki (HEL).

What's worse, the aircraft (tail number OH-LXM) is reportedly 13 years old.

Picture: Screenshot / Flightradar24.com (Screenshot / Flightradar24.com)

The response was...predictable.

Some very, very brave souls.

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