Aggressive man on Frontier flight is restrained by fellow passengers

A Frontier flight headed to Orlando was forced to make an emergency landing when a fight broke out among passengers.

The flight from New York City to Orlando, Florida took a turn when a man claimed the woman sitting behind him on the plane poked him with a needle, according to TMZ. The angry individual then flipped out and threatened to smack everybody on the plane.

He also said that the woman "attempted to steal his DNA."

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In a video filmed by one of the other passengers aboard the Frontier flight he can be heard screaming, "You can't do this." Meanwhile, other passengers jumped him and attempted to restrain him.

WATCH: Frontier flight headed to Orlando detours due to passenger threatening others,

A flight attendant can be heard telling those restraining him that the man had to be "in a seat" in the clip.

"He needs to sit in a seat so don't tie his feet like that," the flight attendant says.

The flight stopped to land in Raleigh, North Carolina where he was taken into custody upon landing.

Per the outlet, the incident report indicated that the events may have been part of a mental health crisis. It also failed to show any signs that alcohol was involved in his behavior.

It's not currently clear where the man was taken once he was in custody, according to the report.

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