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You only have to go into your average bookstore to notice that self-help books are and probably always will be a huge deal.

They bring in a huge amount of money but are they actually any good or should they be more honest and just get to the point?

One person who feels the power of the self-help book is a bit overrated is psychotherapist-come-artist Johan Deckmann from Copenhagen, Denmark.

When he isn't psychoanalysing people he is turning old, boring book covers into poignant and funny pieces of art which often hit the nail on the head when it comes to people's insecurities.

Speaking to Indy100 Johan gave us a little insight into his work.

I live and work in Copenhagen where I have my studio as well as my psychological practice.

I never use specific cases but I use my observations of modern human behaviour in general in my works.


My main process is my writing. This is where most of my creative process takes place.

Creating the actual work is somehow just a formality. My focus is not on materials but exclusively on the message.

I’m especially inspired by Louise Bourgeois with her psychological content and Robert Rauschenberg with his used materials.

I simply believe in the power of honesty. I am not judgemental in my works.

I simply aim to reflect the individual person or human behaviour as a whole.

My works are somehow a portrait of human failure and self-sabotage – but my underlying motive is to motivate change.

In quotes given to Bored PandaJohan explained that his work is directly aimed at people in the Western world.

My work is a portrait of human failure and self-sabotage. But my underlying motive is to mirror my audience and motivate change.

I think my work resonates with people because many people in the Western world are raised to believe that they are victims of their surroundings.

I show through my works that they are not. I meet many people who suffer from a circumstance that they themselves have created but they choose not to take action.

I think it’s tragicomic that underneath our frustration and self-slavery lies this beautiful opportunity.

His work will be on show in galleries in from New York, San Francisco and Amsterdam in 2018.

If you would like to see more of Johan's work please follow him on Instagram and Facebook or visit his official website.

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