Gary Neville says North Shropshire has ‘spoken for us all’ after Tory ‘mob’ lose 200-year seat

Neville has lashed out at Boris Johnson
Neville has lashed out at Boris Johnson
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Former footballer Gary Neville has called the Tory party “the mob” after they lost their 200 year old North Shropshire seat to the Liberal Democrats.

A by-election was held in North Shropshire due to the resignation of Tory MP Owen Paterson after a lobbying scandal.

In the early hours of this morning, it was announced that Lib Dem candidate Helen Morgan won with 17,957 votes, overturning a near-23,000 majority from the Tories. The Conservative candidate Neil Shastri-Hurst received 12,032 votes.

An outspoken critic of the Conservatives, Neville claims that the hugely damaging result for the party has shown how the rest of the nation feels.

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In a tweet, Neville wrote: “The people of North Shropshire have spoken for us all. This government is rancid and it’s impacting them terribly.”

He also described prime minister Boris Johnson and the rest of his party as “the mob”.

Neville continued: “A devastating result for Johnson and the mob.”

The tweet has been liked almost 30,000 times and many seem to agree with the former Manchester United star.

One person wrote: “The Mob, good description.”

Another said: “Yes, sir! @GNev2 is totally correct. Enough is enough.”

Someone else agreed: “Rancid.  What a brilliant word to describe this rotten, Gammon Government.”

Seems like Neville isn’t done with the Tory party yet.

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