Gary Neville tells Boris Johnson to ‘do one’ during epic Twitter rant after leaked Christmas party video

Football legend Gary Neville has once again taken aim at the Conservative government and told Boris Johnson to “do one” amid allegations of a lockdown-breaking Christmas party.

In a series of tweets, Neville, who has long been a critic of the country’s leadership, reacted to the allegations that the government held a Christmas party last year in Downing Street when London was in tier 3 lockdown which banned indoor gatherings.

Neville continued his string of tweets on Thursday morning, with a poll asking whether people would protest to “stand up for Truth and Integrity in our democracy (sic).”

“Protest on Downing St anyone to stand up for Truth and Integrity in our democracy,” he said. “Against the Scoundrel and his disciples ? 18th December seems the right date !! Have no idea how to organise (sic).”

It has already received a staggering 45,000 votes – 89 per cent of whom voted “yes to protest” at the time of writing.

“He just needed to apologise,” the 46-year-old wrote in an earlier tweet along with a series of directed RTs towards the Torys from the likes of Piers Morgan, Robert Peston and MP Jess Phillips.

“Instead he gave us more lies, threw his team under a bus, vaccine passports, introduced the potential for mandatory vaccines, resignations and work from home whilst being able to party away,” he added.

“The walls are closing in and his own MP’s will turn very soon!”

It all kicked off on Tuesday when leaked footage of the former Downing Street Press Secretary joking about a party was publicised. In response, the footballer called the Conservative government “the liars party” and claimed Johnson takes everyone down with him.

Neville wrote: “Here we go!! ‘The Liars Party’. The worst thing about Johnson is that he doesn’t just lie. He takes all his team down with him and they have to lie for him!”

He then called for the prime minister to be “done” and predicted Johnson will bring in new Covid regulations to distract from the scandal – also known as Plan B. Johnson has reintroduced Covid measures, including guidance to work from home and the introduction of domestic vaccine passports for events and large venues.

Neville also called for people to be done with Johnson. He wrote: “This is the moment we all say to him ‘Do one’.”

At Prime Minister’s Questions, Johnson claimed he was “furious” to learn about the video and claimed he had asked for the cabinet secretary to launch an investigation.

Johnson also claimed that no rules were broken but, if they were, said that disciplinary action will be taken.

Responding to this, Neville tweeted:

It’s clear Neville isn’t happy with Johnson – and he appears not to be the only one.

Ant and Dec also took a swipe at the PM while presenting I’m a Celebrity... Get me out of here!.

We’re not sure it’s wise for Johnson to mess with these national icons...

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