Gatwick airport closed down and the internet went into meltdown

Gatwick airport closed down and the internet went into meltdown
PA/ Twitter

Gatwick airport has finally re-opened for a limited number of flights after the airport was shut for almost 36 hours when drones were flown overhead.

Police are still on the hunt for the operators, but no further sightings of the drones have been recorded since Thursday.

But the cancellation of hundreds of flights has left tens of thousands of passengers stranded at the airport, ensuring a miserable start to the Christmas period.

People on Twitter were outraged that the little flying machines could bring everything to a standstill at the airport.

And people definitely weren’t too impressed with the way that the transport secretary Chris Grayling has handled the crisis.

Someone even suggested sending in a certain politician to sort things out instead.

As frustrating as the delays were for those catching flights, lots of people have managed to see the funny side of all the chaos.

The debacle has certainly managed to distract everyone from the continuing Brexit chaos, for the meantime.

Now that Gatwick’s runway has reopened, let’s hope we can enjoy a drone-free Christmas.

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