Flights from Gatwick airport on Thursday were severely delayed, after a 14 hour shut down of the airport was caused when drones were flown overhead.

Police believe that this was a 'deliberate' attempt to cause disruption to the UK's second busiest airport, as a potential collision with a drone could cause major damage to a plane and endanger lives.

This left tens of thousands of passengers, many of whom would have been intending to get away for the Christmas period, stranded at the airport and being forced to sleep on the floor.

We all know what it is like to have a flight cancelled, leaving you with only the crowded duty-free shops for entertainment. It's only in those moments when you realise just how boring an airport can be.

That's why we can sympathise with this boy who decided that now was the perfect opportunity to practice his football on BBC News.

During a very serious report by BBC News's transport correspondent Paul Clifton, on the chaos at Gatwick the small boy, who is clearly with his family, runs into the left of the shot and performs Cristiano Ronaldo's signature 'SUUUU' celebration, complete with the trademark shout.

In the clip Clifton says:

There are thousands of thousands of people packed in there. The queue for a cup of coffee is probably a couple of hours.

The queue for the airport information desk stretches all around the terminal and back again.

The people behind me; some of them are giving up and going home, others are going in hopefully.

At this point, our hero jumps into the shot, spins around, let's out the 'SUUUU' cry and stands there triumphantly before casually wandering off as if nothing had happened. ​

Little did he know that he had just become a national TV icon and brought a small bit of joy to an otherwise miserable and frustrating day for thousands of passengers.

HT Evening Standard

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