Education secretary Gavin Williamson claims he’s ‘forgotten’ his A Level grades

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In a surprising turn of events, Gavin Williamson – the actual education secretary – can’t remember what his results were when he sat his own A-Level exams.

The admission, made by the Tory MP on LBC on Tuesday, comes on the same day that many students opened their envelopes to find out what grades they secured in their A-Levels, during an academic year disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Quoting a statement made by Williamson, host Nick Ferrari asked: “How did you fare, 27 years ago today, as it were?”

“I remember walking up to those college doors, Nick, and going in to my college at Sixth Form and getting that envelope, opening up that envelope, seeing the grades on there and just feeling absolute delight,” replied Williamson, appearing to avoid the question entirely.

Ferrari then pressed the education secretary several times for an answer, at which point he said: “It was so long ago. I mean it was 27 years ago.”

While Williamson was reluctant to reveal the exact grades, another question led him to confirm that he did not receive three A* grades, and he later went on to joke with Ferrari that the answer was a “state secret”.

“I’ve forgotten! It’s so long ago. I mean it’s 27 years ago.

“I mean, you probably can’t remember what was happening last weekend, Nick,” he said.

Twitter users have since expressed disbelief that Williamson could forget that information:

Worry not, students. If you’re anxious about your results today, our education secretary got into the position while seemingly being unable to remember his A-Level grades.

Have hope.

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