Former defence secretary, Gavin Williamson, was sacked this week by Theresa May after he was accused of being the source for the Huawei leak.

His dramatic departure came after a leak suggested that Huawei, a Chinese telecommunications firm, was named as a key player in the UK's proposed 5G network.

While Williamson - who denies being the course of the leak - will remain an MP, he is likely to come under intense scrutiny in the coming weeks and a police investigation could be launched if the Cabinet Office chooses to make a complaint.

With that percolating away in the background, the question of leaks and how they happen has been hot on everyone's lips and, unless you have any contacts with politicians, you are unlikely to know how they occur.

That being said, you needn't worry any longer. The Guardian's Gaby Hinsliff has put together a comprehensive thread on political leaks in Westminster and how journalists obtain such information.

Unfortunately, it's not as scandalous and as steeped in espionage as you would have hoped, but it is fascinating nonetheless.

Once Hinsliff had finished the thread, other Twitter users had a few questions for her.

Other journalists and members of the media complimented Hinsliff on the insightful and informative thread.

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