Gavin Williamson, the former defence secretary who was sacked from the cabinet this week after he was accused of being a source in the Huawei leak, has had a tough few days.

Even if you can't stand him, few would begrudge the man for enjoying some downtime and unwinding in a relaxing environment... like a McDonald's.

On the night he should have been wining and dining with the US defence secretary Patrick M Shanahan at Lancester House, Williamson found himself at a branch of Maccie D's enjoying a Big Mac meal.

In a post on his already iconic Instagram account, Williamson acknowledged that he should have been meeting Shanahan but, under the circumstances, 'you just can't beat a McDonald's'.

If that wasn't good enough, his Twitter featuring the same picture was arguably even better.

Williamson's remarkably candid attitude to losing his incredibly important job, which might result in a police investigation, is kind of admirable.

Soon enough, the image began to circulate on Twitter and there were plenty of jokes.

There were more than a few comparisons to Alan Partridge.

Some were hoping that he was drinking a milkshake that might have just ended up on Tommy Robinson.

HT Evening Standard

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