Gavin Williamson broke his silence on Instagram after being fired

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Disgraced Tory MP and former defence secretary Gavin Williamson has finally broken his Instagram silence over his sacking on Wednesday after he was named as a source in the Huawei leak.

Mr Williamson, a former Tory whip, was fired by the prime minister after an inquiry into a leak to the Daily Telegraph that the Chinese company would help build the United Kingdom's 5G network from the National Security Council pinned the incident to him, reports the Daily Mail.

In response to his sacking, the 42-year-old Conservative MP for South Staffordshire issued a letter in which he 'strenuously denied' that he was the source of the leak, but also, in true Gavin Williamson style, posted to his Instagram account.

On Thursday night, the embattled politician shared a photograph of himself with his dogs, accompanied by the caption:

When you have had a pretty tough week it’s rather nice to get out and about with some really good company. 

#dogsofinstagram #dogs 

The prime minister has been warned that Williamson - who continues to protest his innocence - will seek revenge for the way he was unceremoniously booted out of the government, a decision that was described by some Tories as 'crackers' just days before the local elections.

Needless to say, people on social media thought the Instagram snap was rather hilarious.

His dogs are all-knowing...

Were they the source of the leak?

The dog really are 'good company' after a 'tough week'.

Williamson is an avid fan of the photo-sharing app and keenly lets the public get a snapshot into his personal life, from his love of 'hearty' meals of sausages, chips and eggs, to snapshots of him sitting on seats in the House of Commons labelled 'do not sit on these seats' - honestly, he's almost as wild as Theresa May when she runs through fields of wheat.

Here are some of his Insta-highlights.

And, just in case you've missed it, he's also a fiend for Instagram Stories, too.

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