Less than a year after the murder of an MP, these are the right-wing newpapers' front pages

On Tuesday, Theresa May announced her wish for there be a general election on 8 June.

Subject to parliament's approval, and that of the monarch, this will make Wednesday the first full day of campaigning.

The MP Jo Cox was murdered on 16 June 2016, in the final week of the referendum campaign over EU membership.

Her killer, Thomas Mair, shouted 'This is for Britain', 'Keep Britain independent' and 'Britain first'.

In the subsequent days, the rhetoric on both sides of the campaign softened, and many were led to reflect on the appropriateness of some of the language used to describe their opponents.

Less than a year later a general election campaign will begin, triggered, according to May, so that her government will be better able to navigate the Brexit negotiations.

This is how Britain's national newspapers chose to kick it off.

Jo Cox was not killed because of headlines in a newspaper, but her death gave most of the British people pause for thought about ugly campaigning.

While headlines always seek to be eyecatching, the Daily Mail's Wednesday headline has attracted criticism.

Some didn't appreciate The Sun's references to 'killing off' or 'murder'.

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