Daily Mail

The Daily Mail has printed a front page describing three members of the judiciary as 'Enemies of the People'.

On Thursday the paper's website splashed with an outrageous headline describing a judge as an "openly gay ex-Olympic fencer". It subsequently removed it from its online edtions.

The shame was only momentary, when it was followed by another overzealous headline on Friday morning attacking the three judges who presided over R (Miller) -v- Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union.

Those who have got past the stage of being horrified by this catastrophically over the top response, have started 'fixing' the paper's front page.

This isn't the first front page in recent days that's been 'fixed' by the public.

There was 'foreign' drivers using their phones.

Others have recognised the Daily Mail's good intentions, but believe the defence of Britishnessness should be directed elsewhere.

The hashtag 'enemiesofthepeople' has been applied to many other "traitors".

Let the show trials commence.

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