Jeremy Corbyn doesn't always watch the Queen's Speech and we can all relate

Jeremy Corbyn doesn't always watch the Queen's Speech and we can all relate

When was the last time you actually sat down on Christmas Day to watch the Queen's speech? And could you even say definitively when in the day it is?

Nope, us neither. But when Corbyn, in an ITV interview, seemed to say the same thing, Tory supporters immediately jumped to act like it was some kind of indication that he's not fit to be prime minister.

Maybe, along with most of the population (other than less than 10%), Corbyn really doesn't watch the Queen's speech. But unlike the rest of us, he has some pretty good excuses.

While we're all stuffing our faces, arguing with our families and watching Christmas films, Corbyn is helping out at homeless shelters to feed and chat to those less fortunate.

Still, many have jumped on it as an opportunity to criticise the Labour leader.

The interview, with Julie Etchingham, has been shared by Tory supporters as if it's an intense interrogation with a key question that Corbyn is "dodging".

It turns out that the poor man can't even help the homeless without it being used against him...

Since the extract from the interview was shared online, many people have been quick to defend Corbyn by also admitting that they have never even watched the Queen's Speech let alone know what time of day it is on.

It has also inspired a lot of jokes.

FYI: If you really want to know, 'The Queen's Christmas Broadcast' is aired at 3 pm on Christmas Day.

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