People leap to defence of actor Geoffrey Owens after publications run stories about him working in a supermarket

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A number of high profile celebrities and Twitter users have come to the defence of actor Geoffrey Owens after he was spotted working in a US supermarket.

The 57-year-old who is best known for playing Elvin Tibideaux in The Cosby Show is now earning an honest living as a cashier in a Trader Joe's store in Clifton, New Jersey.

Images of Owens working a shift at the store were shared on social media by a couple who Owens served.

After the pictures went viral, several news publications in both the UK and the US ran stories about the actor's current job.

Some of the headlines for the stories:

The Cosby Show star Geoffrey Owens now works $11-an-hour supermarket job


The Cosby Show's Geoffrey Owens spotted working on the till at US supermarket 26 years after the show was cancelled

Yet Owens, who has also appeared in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, That's So Raven and Lucifer, has been backed online by other stars who have done similar jobs.

Chris Ranking, who played Percy Weasley in the Harry Potter, movies shared a story about how he worked in a Wetherspoons kitchen after his stint in Hogwarts.

American actress and Fox News commentator Melissa Francis also explained how she had worked minimum wage jobs after appearing in several TV shows and movies in the 80s and 90s.

Others including writer/director Justine Bateman, author Michael Knowles and even NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch spoke out against the stories about Owens.

Dayna Steele, who is the Democratic candidate for Congress, shared what she felt Fox News should have said.

Others are hoping that this can lead to other things for Owens.

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