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With the festive season approaching, most of us will be gearing up for awkward encounters with old colleagues, friends or family members that we don’t see eye-to-eye with.

But few things are more awkward than the funeral of former US president George HW Bush.

It is custom for former presidents and first ladies to attend each other’s funerals. But with partisanship at an all time high, combined with the fact that former first lady Hillary Clinton ran against president Donald Trump in the 2016 election, this was always going to be a toe-curling affair.

With Trump pretty much intent on reversing every single piece of legislation Barack Obama passed while in office, and Michelle Obama finally breaking her silence to criticise Trump in her new book, things were far from rosy.

Footage of Trump arriving at the funeral to a frosty reception began to circulate online. The Trump's and the Clintons appeared to ignore each other completely.

This was followed by images of an uncomfortable front row. We know it's a funeral, but still, we've seen more enthusiasm in a dentist's waiting room.

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