It's one of the most unlikely friendships in history - Michelle Obama and George W Bush really have a sweet spot for one another.

In 2016, the internet was sent into melt down when the two shared a tender hug at the opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Now, the Twitter-sphere has been sent into a spin again, this time because of another loving moment the two friends shared at the memorial service for Arizona senator John McCain on Saturday.

In a cute moment, former President George W Bush delivers a small piece of candy into the hand of former first lady Michelle Obama. A camera inside Washington DC's National Cathedral captured the moment, and it soon went viral.

Fittingly, the moment came in the front pew as former senator Joe Lieberman talked about the importance of bipartisanship, and reaching across the political isle.

How very apt!

Many commented on just how heartwarming the moment was.

Others on how it embodied the spirit of bipartisanship.

Some thought the moment offered us a tenderness that has since been lost from politics.

While others weren't as quick to forget Bush's political past.

The moment couldn't be sweeter.

That chemistry. Get these two a sitcom.

Look. At. His. Face!

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