'Super' wasps that repeatedly sting are here to ruin British summer


German “super” wasps are threatening the summer tranquillity here in Britain.

It's predicted that the half-inch horrors will be invading our gardens and bumping Steve from business management to second on the list of unwelcome guests at your BBQ.

The yellowjackets, as they’re otherwise known, are bigger and angrier than the common wasp – hard to imagine, but true. And even worse news – they can painfully sting repeatedly, and can cause allergic reactions.

If that wasn't bad enough, each colony has thousands of yellowjackets, and they can send signals to each other in the event of an intruder, for a nightmare-worthy swarm.

They’re being lured over here because of the soaring temperatures, following a warm spring and mild winter that provided them with optimal breeding conditions.

Ian Urquhart, of Advanced Pest Management, told The Sun:

Many insects will have come out of hibernation early to seek food.

It means we could have more prolific breeding trends and a larger population.

We will only know for sure later in the year ­but we could be facing a bumper season.

So, how do you tell them apart from our now-sounding delightfully friendly regular wasp? They have a small spade-shaped black mark on their back and spots down either side, in-between black stripes.

And a look of pure evil in their eyes (we assume).

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