Picture: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images
Picture: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Theresa May's first day as prime minister of the United Kingdom got off to a great start: we are an international laughing stock.

Well, even more of one. And we have her appointment of arch-Brexiteer Boris Johnson as foreign secretary to thank for that.

While Brits and foreigners alike are baffled by the decision to make a man with chronic foot-in-mouth syndrome our chief international diplomat, Germany in particular is enjoying a little schadenfreude.

One journalist noted that TV presenters were having difficulty keeping a straight face announcing that Johnson is now the face of the UK's international relations.

And news magazine der Spiegel summed things up nicely with a withering gif.

Boris Johnson, Her Majesty's top future diplomat.

We suppose we can't be that surprised.

Johnson's recent dealings with Germany, apart from colossally pissing them off over Brexit, haven't gone particuarly well.

He got fleeced into buying three "almost new water cannons" for crowd control a few years ago.

And this is the decorum with which he approached a German diplomat in a charity football match.

And here he is proving he's a "child of Europe" by singing 'Ode to Joy' in German.

Well. You've got to laugh or you'll cry, we suppose.

Picture: Miguel Villagran/Getty Images
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