Germany is trolling Brexit Britain with a ad asking startups to move to Berlin

Vans with giant messages on have tried to convince Britons of all sorts of things.

Harriet Harman's "pink van" for female Labour voters was generally mocked.

So was the Conservative's - literally unbelievable - "Go Home" illegal immigration vans.

And the National Union of Students drove around with the blunt phrase "Liar Liar" emblazoned across their vehicle following that broken promise.

But now the Germans, those automobile legends, have arrived with their own message for us.

"You dumbkopfen. #Whathaveyoudone", perhaps?

Or maybe: "Brexit. The wurst is yet to come."

But no. After we tried to stick two fingers up to Germany's dominance of the EU, the Germans have arrived on our shores with an invitation to go join them.

What a nation.

For the uninitiated, Schadenfreude means getting a kick out of someone else's misfortune. It translates literally as "sorrow-joy".

The creators of the van, the Freie Demokratische Partei (FDP), don't actually have any seats in the Bundestag at the moment but say they are all for internationalism and free markets.

So it makes excellent business sense for them to get those shocked post-Brexit start-ups to join the likes of SoundCloud and Wunderlist in Germany's capital.

Auf wiedersehen, London... Ich bin ein Berliner.

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