Rats are being trained to rescue earthquake survivors

Huge rats 'as big as small rabbits' could start invading gardens and even homes within weeks as temperatures drop, according to horticulturists.

The Daily Star reports that according to AAA Wildlife Control, a female rats litter is usually between 8 - 18 pups, and they are the "most destructive pests in the world."

As the weather gets cooler, there is less food outside so the animals which are reportedly said to be the size of rabbits, go into homes to look for sustenance and shelter.

Chris Bonnett, the founder of Gardening Express told the publication: "It is time to protect your garden, and home, now. When rats get hungry, they will eat virtually anything – even dog poo, so you really don’t want these randy infested ultra-rats around.

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"Some of the imperative measures to take to protect yourself and your home are laying preventive scents around your home and clearing any rubbish, debris and garden waste that’s accumulated during summer."

Feeling hopeless? There's ways to prevent an infestation. Bonett recommends making sure there is no food or rubbish in your garden that the rats can get into and clearing bird tables too. He also said it is good to close gaps into homes and protect your pet food, among other tips.

We're horrified.

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