The Tory MP Gavin Williamson has lashed out at schoolchildren who took part in Friday's Global Climate Strike, claiming that they shouldn't 'bunk off school' for such an important reason like climate change.

The current education secretary is obviously pro-education but clearly isn't a fan of children voicing their opinions on the future of the planet if it should happen to occur during school hours.

As millions of people across the globe took part in the strikes, including people in Williamson's own constituency of South Staffordshire. Speaking to East Midlands Today he said:

This government has done more in terms of climate change than any government before and our commitment to net-zero carbon and the fact that we've already legislated on that.

We've got to continue building upon that but children shouldn't be bunking off school. They should be studying and they should be learning and I would encourage everyone to make sure that message gets through.

Willamson's statement, although entitled to his opinion, hasn't exactly gone down well especially as he is part of a government that has just prorogued parliament for five weeks, essentially meaning that MPs are bunking off from their jobs.

The irony of Williamson's words have not gone unnoticed with many taking to Twitter to mock the MP for criticising the students.

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