Professor calls out GMB after she’s not given full title but male counterpart is

Professor calls out GMB after she’s not given full title but male counterpart is

A professor has called out Good Morning Britain (GMB) after her full title was not shown on screen but her male counterpart’s was.

On the ticker displaying information about the guests speaking in a debate about coronavirus, professor of oncology Angus Dalgleish was labelled as such whereas professor Devi Sridhar, who is also the chair of global public health at Edinburgh University, was labelled as just Devi Sridhar.

Writing on Twitter, Sridhar criticised the mistake, saying: “Can women be professors in 2021?”

Sridhar and Dalgleish were invited on the show to talk about rising cases of coronavirus in the UK. Dagleish argued we need to “adapt to the conditions” with vulnerable people distancing and that it would be wrong to go into lockdown again.

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Meanwhile, Sridhar suggested the UK implement measures seen in other European countries like mandatory masks in indoor settings, vaccine passports and “pushing vaccinations” while keeping society and the economy open.

Reacting to the labelling error, people on social media were angered and called it an example of sexism. They called on fellow male academics to challenge the mistake:

Presenter Susanna Reid then apologised, writing: “I am really sorry that this happened. We introduced you with your title Professor but inexplicably it wasn’t on screen.”

Sridhar appeared to accept the apology and replied:

Indy100 has contacted GMB for comment.

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