Gregg Wallace keeps begging his wife to print her Instagram pictures and it's hilarious

Gregg Wallace keeps begging his wife to print her Instagram pictures and it's hilarious

Peckham greengrocer turned MasterChef host Gregg Wallace has become something of a cult phenomenon online.

Swedemason's ludicrous track "MasterChef Synaesthesia" (AKA "Buttery Biscuit Base") remixed Wallace and co-host John Torode waxing lyrical about desserts and was so popular on YouTube it was released as a single in 2011, reaching number 37 in the charts.

The avuncular pudding-fancier has more recently found himself a returning character in the dystopian photomontages of Cold War Steve, warming up for a shirtless jog in many a barren lay-by and shuttered market town.

Now eagle-eyed social media user Hannah Thompson has spotted a peculiar habit of Wallace's on Instagram.

Every time his wife Anne-Marie Sterpini posts a photo - of anything, wisteria, the London skyline, sleeping French bulldogs, you name it - Wallace lavishes her work with praise and insists she prints it out.

And when we say 'insists' we really do mean it.

He presumably intends it to be encouraging but quite what he proposes to do with all of those physical copies of her photographs is an interesting question.

Are they covering every square inch of the walls at Wallace Towers or does he simply want to writhe around in a loose pile of them like a dog in the autumn leaves?

Seriously, he's relentless...

Twitter users were, naturally, absolutely loving the revelation.

It hardly needs saying that Wallace's own Instagram is now being deluged with requests that he print his own pictures.

Perhaps the weirdest part of the whole affair though is this - the decidedly creepy turn matters take when "naughty" Anna neglects to follow up on his requests.

So bizarre.

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