Greta Thunberg tweeted about coronavirus and trolls told her they 'hope she catches it and dies'


In such turbulent times, teen climate icon Greta Thunberg has become a voice of reason.

Amid the global panic over the spread of coronavirus, Thunberg cancelled an appearance in France. Now she’s tweeted to emphasise, as she always does, how important it is to listen to scientific experts at a time like this.

Seems like a reasonable sentiment, right?

It would appear that not everyone is a fan of Thunberg’s message. Among messages of support, trolls have inevitably targeted the 17 year-old Swede for making her voice heard.

She’s even been inundated with messages from people saying that they “hope” she catches coronavirus and dies.

Here are some of the tweets…

This isn’t the first time anti-Thunberg trolling has raised eyebrows lately. A Bristol newspaper recently named and shamed men who’d made threats against the teen on Facebook.

Bristol Live journalist Briana Millett tweeted that the paper even had someone call their office and say that they "hope" Thunberg catches the virus “and dies”. Sickening stuff.

One day in the future there will likely be a cure for coronavirus, but will there be a cure for the hatred that makes people wish death on a teenage girl for campaigning for a better world? Probably not.

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