Former Trump aide makes 'disgusting' joke about Greta Thunberg's body

Former Trump aide makes 'disgusting' joke about Greta Thunberg's body

Former Trump aide Sebastian Gorka has called the teenage climate change activist Greta Thunberg 'thunder thighs' on his America First radio show.

The outspoken conservative was conducting an interview with his fellow right-wing commentator Andrew Klavan where they discussed the settlement received by Nick Sandmann, of the Covington Catholic school, from CNN.

Sandmann, you might remember was a member of the so-called 'MAGA hats kids' who were accused of harassing a Native American man last January. He has since received a settlement figure for damages from CNN.

Gorka wished to get Klavan's thoughts on this stating:

Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann has received a settlement from CNN after the 275 million dollar lawsuit was filed against CNN. 

Andrew Klavan, I wanted to talk about something else, but I think we have to talk about this.

Klavan replied by attempting to start an attack on Thunberg, who turned just 17 earlier this month, but couldn't remember her name.

 I heard about this too, and boy, oh boy does he ever deserve it.

If ever a kid -- You know, these are people who will defend Greta Thuns -- whatever her name.

What is her name? Greta Thunberg? 

Chuckling to himself, Gorka then made a joke about Thunberg's name.

Thunder thighs. Greta Thunberg.

This completely reprehensible 'joke' from a 49-year-old man about a 17-year-old girls appearance has rightly been chastised on Twitter for its sheer grossness.

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