In the wake of climate justice activist Greta Thunburg’s trip stateside, the sixteen year-old has won millions of new fans.

From silencing Republican climate change deniers to glaring at president Trump at the UN, the trip was one meme after another.

Now, unsurprisingly, people are using the president’s own language against him. Who can forget his favourite saying, "Make America Great Again?"

Well, people have started to give it a green twist...

Twitter users enjoyed this play on words...

And now, that’s right, people are selling (and buying) red hats emblazoned with the words:

Make America Greta Again

It all started during the climate strike protests, which Thunberg helped to organise. At the protests, people made lots of witty placards, and this was a popular choice.

Now, on online marketplaces like Etsy, people are selling spoof Trump hats as a way of supporting our new teenage heroine.

It’s fair to say there’s no love lost between Thunberg and Trump. After all, we’ve all seen that GIF…

But you’re interested in buying one of these caps, we recommend checking carefully they’re not killing the planet somehow.

Because we wouldn’t want to let Greta down now, would we?

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