Infamous £85 Grinch who destroyed woman's home is working again this Christmas

Infamous £85 Grinch who destroyed woman's home is working again this Christmas
Little girl is scared of Grinch coming to steal her Christmas *Fun …
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In recent years, there's been a surge of viral clips showing Grinch impersonators tormenting kids and trashing homes. While that may sound sinister, it's the parents paying their hard-earned money for the experience.

One of the first clips that made waves across social media dates back to 2021 when one mother paid the 'Grinch' £85 to visit her and her family.

Laura Magill believed the character would simply mess up her children's beds or have a playful pillow fight at the party. She even laid out a wholesome spread of food for the occasion.

However, things didn't quite go to plan and soon took a chaotic turn.

In a Facebook post, Laura claimed he destroyed the buffet with "expensive cupcakes thrown all over the place" and broken the Christmas tree decorations.

The Grinch also poured washing-up liquid and juice over the kitchen floor – and her son.

At the time, the company suggested Laura was told what to expect prior to the visit, and that they had done over 30 appearances in 2021 with no complaints.

"Our Grinch is loving the attention - we’ve had hundreds of booking enquiries today," Santa Stop Here Belfast told Mail Online. "The Grinch also knew them personally - but hasn’t told them who was below the mask yet!"

Well now, he's back for more drama-fuelled fun...

In a Facebook post, the company Santa Stop Here Belfast simply wrote: "Bleeding hearts of the World unite! The Belfast Grinch is BACK!! Dm to get booked in."

The post reshared the infamous 2021 images and was soon inundated with comments.

One person wrote: "This will never not be funny. I wouldn't want you in my house, but other people's houses... Big fan."

The Belfast Grinch himself added: "The audacity!!"

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