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Weddings are places to celebrate love in all its forms; romantic and familiar love co-exist happily in such celebrations, and a recent photo shoot is reminding the internet of this fact and making people feel things.

A photographer called Jessica Manns was tasked with taking photos at a unique wedding in Fox Hill Farm, Pennsylvania.

Taking to Facebook, she told her friends that it was “probably the most emotional thing” she’d ever witnessed, and it had to do with butterflies.

(Picture: Jessica Manns Photography)

The groom’s sister died in a car accident a few years ago during Christmas celebrations, and the groom’s parents wanted to give a tribute to her memory, and so they released butterflies during the ceremony.

To say there wasn’t a dry eye at the intimate wedding would be an understatement.

(Picture: Jessica Manns Photography)

Continuing on Facebook, Manns went on to say:

That’s a real butterfly on his finger. This is probably the most emotional thing I’ve witnessed at a wedding. The groom’s sister tragically passed away in a car accident a few years prior during the Christmas holiday.

The groom’s parents released butterflies during the ceremony in her honor [sic]. There’s a common belief that our loved ones visit us sometimes as butterflies.

As they released the butterflies, they wouldn’t fly off. They clung all over them and even stayed on their bodies the entire ceremony and well afterwards into cocktail hour.

This same butterfly on his finger stayed there the entire ceremony and then flew onto the bride’s bouquet after the recessional. Lydia, the bride, even walked down the aisle with two on her dres

(Piture: Jessica Manns Photography)

Then a few hours later during the speeches, another butterfly somehow got inside the barn and landed on Lydia’s neck and remained there for all the speeches. Unreal.

The Facebook post was shared by thousands of people online, all of whom were touched by the simple, warm act of remembrance.

(Picture: Jessica Manns Photography)

Upon learning the post went viral, the bride said: “Thank you again Jessica Manns for capturing such a special and loving moment during our wedding. Vanessa was with us there and throughout the night.”

I relive my wedding day every time I look at your photos. You captured every moment so beautifully! You are the best!”

(Picture: Jessica Manns Photography)

You can find more information about Jessica Manns Photography on here website, here.

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