Ivanka Trump's attempts to talk to world leaders has resulted in her becoming a hilarious new meme

Over the past few days, you may have seen footage of Ivanka Trump awkwardly trying to join in a conversation with elected world leaders at the G20 summit in Japan.

The daughter of the president, who was really only there because of who her father happens to be, couldn't have looked more out of place when trying to talk to the likes of Theresa May, Emmanuel Macron, Justin Trudeau and Christine Lagarde.

Ivanka soon found herself at the butt of many jokes, but things got worse for the 37-year-old after journalist and commentator Erin Ryan asked people to photoshop Ivanka into famous pictures throughout history.

As you can imagine, the internet did not disappoint and the hashtag #UnwantedIvanka soon became a viral hit.

Here's Ivanka attending famous moments in world history and meeting politicians who are arguably just as respected as she is.

What about key moments in American history?

How about pop culture or other iconic images?

These two might have taken the joke a bit too far...

Huffington Post

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