Woman ordered to take down Halloween decorations of 'pole-dancing skeletons'

Woman ordered to take down Halloween decorations of 'pole-dancing skeletons'
Facebook/Angela Nava

Every year, it feels like Halloween decorations get bigger and better.

Unfortunately this means occasionally they sometimes may become just that bit too spicy for others to enjoy.

Which is why a Texas woman is currently fighting for the right to keep up her display of pole dancing skeletons.

As reported by ABC13, Angela Nava is locked in a battle with her homeowner’s association after someone complained about her “inappropriate” choice of seasonal decor.

The Richmond resident received notice on Saturday that she had 30 days to take the “offensively positioned” decorations down.

Nava said the letter from her HOA saddened her and she’d enjoyed creating the display.

"It's modeled after an adult club," she said. "We just really had a good time changing the scene up every night. Every night, we change the positions of the skeletons, and it's really been just a great creative outlet for me”.

The idea came to her as a way to lift spirts.

"We've all been cooped up and it's been just a terrible year," said Nava. "We've just decided if this brings a little bit of joy and a little bit of smiles to someone, then we're doing everything right”.

Nava added that she hadn’t been aware of any objections until the HOA letter arrived on her doorstep.

"So far, up until this letter that I received last night, everybody who's come by has been incredibly supportive. My neighbours love it,” she said.

Nava’s display received a flood of support after her problem was posted on Facebook.

I absolutely LOVE THIS!! Leave it UP!! We ALL need to laugh and feel a little bit lighter with everything going on this year,” read one Facebook comment on the story.

“My HOA has given people 48 hours to remove the fact they gave her 30 days means they think it is funny, but some 'Karen' complained, so they had to cover themselves. Kids aren’t likely to get the significance anyway. Hilarious,” another person replied.

On Nava’s part, she’s not going to take the decorations down – as Halloween is only two days away.

“When I got the letter, I was a little sad," she said.

“I thought, 'Okay, I'm just going to take it down. I'm going to comply. I'm going to take it down and just not do this anymore.'

“But then I got so much support off of Facebook, and I said, 'Forget it. People are having so much fun with this, and they love it, I'm going to continue to do it’”.

Dance on, sunshine.

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