Hans Zimmer proposes to his partner during London performance

Hans Zimmer proposes to his partner during London performance
Hans Zimmer has proposed to his partner on stage in London, telling the audience: ‘This is the woman I love, apparently she loves me’ (Doug Peters/PA)
PA Archive/PA Images - Doug Peters

Hans Zimmer has proposed to his partner Dina De Luca on stage in London, telling the audience: “This is the woman I love, apparently she loves me.”

The Oscar-winning composer, 65, made the public declaration on Thursday night during his performance at London’s O2 arena which caused roaring applause from the audience.

As his Hans Zimmer Live show was drawing to a close, he brought his partner on stage, telling the audience: “There’s one more thing. So this is the woman I love, apparently she loves me.”

Old Vic Bicentenary Ball \u2013 LondonHans Zimmer and Dina De Luca arriving for the Old Vic Bicentenary Ball, at the Old Vic in London (Yui Mok/PA)PA Archive/PA Images - Yui Mok

Addressing De Luca directly he said: “Why did I bring you up here? I was going to ask you something really important. Did you lock the back door? Is the milk in the fridge? Do we have any sorbet in the freezer?

“Will you marry me?”

The audience then erupted into applause and rose to their feet as the couple embraced once another after she appeared to accept.

He added: “Things are working out well, the back door is locked. Everything is good.

“I’ve got this one little number left. It’s intimate in its insignificance but maybe not so insignificant and maybe I quite like it,” before performing his classic song Time which featured in the 2010 mind-bending thriller Inception to end the show.

Zimmer played the piano for the piece as his partner sat beside him.

At one stage during the concert, he took to the floor with one of his musicians to play guitar among the crowds with Zimmer pausing briefly near the front rows to share a hug and kiss with De Luca.

He later clarified that it was not just some “random woman” in the audience he was embracing.

A spokesperson for Zimmer confirmed to the PA news agency that he did propose to De Luca during Thursday’s concert.

Throughout the show, he led his band and the Ukrainian Odesa Orchestra as they treated fans to a host of songs which he has composed for hit films including Gladiator, Pirates Of The Caribbean, The Dark Knight, Interstellar and the James Bond film No Time To Die.

The show also featured a carefully curated routine of laser lights and beams to create an orchestral show like no other.

Zimmer spent time throughout the night introducing and praising his musicians and stage crew, including paying a special tribute to the Ukrainian orchestra.

“I would really to thank our orchestra because our orchestra is special, our orchestra is from Odesa in Ukraine”, he said.

The Old Vic summer partyDenise De Luca, Hans Zimmer and Dina De Luca attending the Old Vic Midsummer Partyin London (Matt Crossick/PA)PA Archive/PA Images - Matt Crossick

“I think it takes enormous courage to sit here, smile at you, play without flaw for three hours while you do not know what’s going on at home and everything is going on at home.”

One of the performers also waved a Ukrainian flag on stage as the musicians took their final bows.

The German composer, who has spent many years living and working in the UK, showed great affection to the London crowd on the night saying at point: “It’s nice to be home”.

In his closing speech after performing songs from The Lion King including the Circle Of Life, which received a standing ovation, Zimmer became emotional as he said: “You were an incredible audience. I’m really sorry but tonight I’m really moved, you’ve really moved me and that’s amazing.”

The musician has been nominated for 12 Oscars and won two for best score for the classic 1994 Disney film as well as the 2021 sci-fi blockbuster Dune, which also featured in the show.

The composer divorced his first wife model Vicki Carolin, with whom he has a daughter, in 1992 and in 2020, Zimmer reportedly filed for divorce from his second wife Suzanne, with whom he shares three children.

His tour, Hans Zimmer Live, continues in the UK and Europe until June 25.

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