Happiness is an elusive thing. There's so much research on what can help us achieve it, and what takes it away.

So, to save you all the confusion - here are five things happy people have in common.

1. They choose time over money

Happier people would choose to have more time, rather than more money, according to research published last year in the Social Psychological and Personality Science.

2. But they also are comfortable financially

Research has found that mental wellbeing rises with income, up until $75,000, beyond which there’s no continued relationship between money and happiness.

In other words, we like enough money to be comfortable and be able to afford a few of life’s pleasures, but being stinking rich doesn’t make us any happier.

3. They spend their money on doing things

Money spent on experiences, rather than on objects, tends to make people happier, according to a study from 2014. The researchers found that waiting and anticipating for an experiential purchase is more exciting than waiting to receive a material good.

4. They have good relationships

Two 75-year longitudinal studies, called the Grant Study and the Gluek Study, found that one of the main keys to happiness is close relationships. They help protect people from mental and physical decline, and are a better predictor of happiness than genes or IQ.

5. They nap

Earlier this year, research found a link between taking short naps, and being happy. Naps under 30 minutes also make you more productive and creative.

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