UFO spotted on Google Earth near Harry and Meghan's home

UFO spotted on Google Earth near Harry and Meghan's home
Reuters/Jam Press

A flying saucer has allegedly been found near Harry and Meghan’s £11 million mansion.

The mysterious circular object was spotted by an eagle-eyed UFO hunter on Google Earth.

Alien boffin Tony Moreno’s finding could be embarrassing for NASA.

It comes as the space agency prepares to publish findings from its own nine-month probe into unidentified anomalous phenomena this summer.

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But the bizarre finding in the mountains overlooking Cachuma Lake, in California could prove aliens visited Earth, before NASA’s report.

Jam Press

The site where Mr. Moreno spotted it is just 25 miles from Harry and Meghan’s home in posh Montecito on the outskirts of Los Angeles.

The eight-metre-wide circular object has strange writing on it and appears to cast a shadow on the ground.

The lake - just half an hour's drive away from their pad - was the location of a UFO sighting in July 1969.

Two friends were camping there and rented a boat.

They then said they spotted an object ten times the size of an aeroplane in the sky.

The pals claimed it hovered above them for 15 minutes.

NASA is holding a press conference today (31 May) to give a snapshot of its own findings.

Of its UFO finding a NASA spokesperson said: "The UAP independent study team is a counsel of 16 community experts across diverse areas on matters relevant to potential methods of study for unidentified anomalous phenomena.

"NASA commissioned the nine-month study to examine UAP from a scientific perspective and create a roadmap for how to use data and the tools of science to move our understanding of UAP forward.

"Right now, the limited high-quality observations of UAP make it impossible to draw scientific conclusions from the data about the nature of such events."

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