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Everybody get your wands and book a place on the Knight Bus because a Harry Potter convention is coming.

The Printworks in Manchester will be transformed into the fictional hub of magical activity Diagon Alley, and visitors from around the world will join for a celebration of 'The Boy Who Lived.'

DiagCon will take place on 21 and 22 July and also on 27 October and fans can expect to meet actors from the Harry Potter films, shop in a Diagon Alley-themed market and take part in Q&A panels with cast and crew.

Magical foods and drinks will also be on offer.

Josh Herman, who played Draco Malfoy's sidekick Gregory Goyle has been confirmed, Manchester Evening Newsreports.

A DiagCon spokesperson told indy100 that although the event will not be affiliated with JK Rowling or Warner Bros - they aim to make it "as magical as possible." He added:

It's an event for fans of Harry Potter to come together, share their love of the characters, books, movies and stories.

Most conventions are market stalls and actors signing photos, but we want to put plenty of things on so there is plenty to keep people entertained.

The event organiser said that more details will be shared soon.


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