Harry Redknapp surprises fan at care home after manager chased him down street

<p>Harry Redknapp meets Frank McHale</p>

Harry Redknapp meets Frank McHale

Former football manager Harry Redknapp surprised a fan living with terminal cancer after being chased down the street by a Bournemouth care home manager.

After seeing Redknapp while driving, Claudia Carvell, a manager at Bupa’s Queensmount care home, ran after him to ask if he would meet with lifelong fan, Frank McHale.

The former Tottenham and West Ham manager, who was taking his dog Barney to the vet, agreed to meet with Mr McHale, 57, who has been living at the care home since May, following a terminal diagnosis of lung cancer.

Bupa Queensmount care home \u2013 Harry Redknapp meets staff at the home

Speaking at the care home, Redknapp said: “I’m here as the care home manager ambushed me on the street!

“I’ve got to be truthful though, this place is amazing. I can’t believe the atmosphere – people are so friendly.

“Frank is a great guy. I’m so pleased I could take the time to come and chat to him today.”

During the visit, the pair talked about football and family, sharing their favourite stories about the club and what had drawn them to Bournemouth.

Mr McHale said meeting the football star gave him a “huge boost”.

He said: “I never thought I’d meet him like this, and it was amazing to reminisce about the Hammers and share stories about living in Bournemouth. He is a such a great bloke.”

Bupa Queensmount care home \u2013 Harry Redknapp with West Ham fan, Frank McHale 2

One of seven siblings, Mr McHale broke with family tradition to support West Ham, with the rest of his family supporting rival club, Queens Park Rangers.

Ms Carvell added: “Whether they’re with us for weeks or years, our job is to make residents smile.

“Frank is a huge West Ham fan so, when I saw Harry in town, I knew I had to ask him to visit. He must have thought I was crazy as I ran down the street to catch him, but I hadn’t even finished explaining before he agreed.

“Harry was wonderful and the visit has had a huge impact on Frank – he’s been beaming ever since.”

After chatting with Mr McHale, Redknapp met with care home staff.

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