When a fan made a video showing just how much he loves and admires Hayley Williams, he probably didn’t expect she’d see it.

But the lead singer of Paramore took to TikTok to react to Kevin Tinsley’s (@thetinzman) hilarious video about being saved by the song “All I Wanted”.

In the original video, Tinsley is acting out a scene where he’s dying in a hospital bed.

The doctor says there’s nothing they can do to save him but after hearing Hayley Williams sing the line “All I ever wanted was you”, he makes a miraculous full recovery.

And it caught the attention of Williams herself.

Creating a duet with Tinsley, she reacted blow-by-blow to the scenes unfolding before her – for the first time.

At one point, she even remarked “His dad’s a dick”.

And then came the big revelation of being saved by Williams’ voice and her reaction was priceless.

She shouted out at the top of her lungs:

It worked! It worked!

The video has over 1 million likes on TikTok and Tinsley made a follow-up video saying it’s “the most jarring thing” to happen to him this week.

He added:

She’s literally my hero.

How sweet.

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