Eleven-year-old Sofia Sanchez is recovering ‘quickly’ following a successful heart transplant.

The young girl was diagnosed with an incurable heart condition called cardio myopathy, which can cause heart failure.

A GoFundMe page was set up by her mum Natalie Sanchez and her friend Julie Bizup Price to help pay for the mounting medical bills (they raised $49,021). She wrote:

Yesterday started off slow. Sofia was intubated and paralysed. The plan was to take the paralytic off sometime during the day and the breathing tube out the following day. As the paralytic started to wear off, Sofia quickly started communicating with us that she wanted the breathing tube out.

She started breathing over the tube so the doctors turned down the oxygen and she was able to breathe on her own. Sofia was extubated 24 hours after her heart transplant!’

Sofia went viral after Drake visited her in hospital as part of her birthday wish.

She wrote on the hospital's blog:

I've been here for seven weeks and I just had open heart surgery because I have heart failure.

The little girl also did the Kiki challenge, and Drake gave her a shout out at his New York concert.

Later, her reaction to finding out she had a heart went viral. In the video, posted on her cousin’s Facebook page, Sofia talks into the camera, admitting that she was thankful to Drake because he helped make her dream come true.

She added that one of her birthday wishes came true, and she was hopeful about the second, which was getting a new heart.

That’s when her mum revealed that that wish, too, had been granted:

Guess what? It happened today.

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