Sleeping naked in a heatwave can actually make you hotter, according to science

Sleeping naked in a heatwave can actually make you hotter, according to science

If you're enjoying a nice day lounging in the sun, you may not have considered how you're going to sleep in the blistering heat tonight, considering how notoriously unprepared for these temperatures the UK is.

This leaves us to wallow in pools of our own sweat surrounded by fields, once rich with grass, now reduced to dust.

With the streets basically melting around us how on Earth are we supposed to sleep in this inferno?

We've already been told that sleeping with a fan next to your bed is an awful choice for your health so what other solutions do we have?

Surely ditching the PJs and sleeping in the nude is a logical choice? Nothing to restrain you. Just let everything hang loose and relax. Take that heat.

Unfortunately, we've got some bad news, especially if you've thrown away your pyjamas in the past few weeks.

Sleep expert Dr Neil Stanley believes that you will actually get a better and cooler night's sleep if you keep your pyjamas on at night, as long as they are made of natural fibres.

Dr Stanley told the Daily Mailback in 2018 that:

The pyjama fabric draws sweat away from your body and will make you feel a lot cooler and more comfortable.

We aren't going to argue with an expert so if you do happen to own a nice pair of silk pyjamas then consider wearing them even if it feels like the depths of hell outside.

What if you don't own any pyjamas? What if you burnt them in a bin in a delirious episode brought on by the weather?

Other obvious solutions to having a good night's sleep when it is too hot include sleeping without a duvet, taking a lukewarm shower or bath before bed or even chilling your sheets and pillow.

However, those will all prove to be futile during the course of the night as your body will naturally heat up again leaving you in the same sticky mess that you found yourself in just hours before.

So, stick with the pyjamas for now, and all being well the sun will retreat in the next few days and stop punishing us.

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