Anti-vaxxers are not happy with Heineken’s new advert

Anti-vaxxers are not happy with Heineken’s new advert

Heineken has released an advert encouraging people to get vaccinated and anti-vaxxers are furious.

The advert shows a group of elderly individuals dancing in a nightclub and frolicking in the sea while (of course) drinking beer.

Captioned: “The night begins to the vaccinated. Join them,” the video is a scene from the Before Times. It is beautiful.

But not everyone agrees, and those against getting jabbed or against it being made compulsory in any way, have instigated a pile-on.

Scores of Twitter users have announced they will be boycotting the brand for daring to suggest people should get the coronavirus vaccine.

Here’s a look at what they’ve had to say:

Heineken is not the only brand to jump on the vaccine bandwagon. And whether these instances are a cynical ploy to increase sales or a reflection of a genuine corporate interest in public health, we can’t say, but Krispy Kreme has been giving Americans free doughnuts if they get the vaccine - a sweet deal indeed.

Meanwhile, the Teletubbies surely cut vaccine hesitancy massively yesterday when they revealed they had been vaccinated. Yes, it was completely surreal.

Despite the backlash, Heineken also received messages of support from people who thought it was fun and educational:

Nevertheless, it looks like cancel culture is alive and kicking.

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