The Teletubbies announce they’ve had their Covid jabs – and Twitter doesn’t know what to make of it

<p>The US politician wasn’t amused and resorted to homophobia </p>

The Teletubbies, jabbed up

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Governments and organisations have been warring against vaccine hesitancy in various ways. Some areas in America have been giving people Krispy Kreme doughnuts in return for them getting jabs and others have started lotteries where vaxxed people can win big.

Mayor Sadiq Khan has even told Londoners that if they present their upper arms at vaccine centres this week, they will be entered in a draw to win tickets to the Euros final.

But who the f*** decided to get the Teletubbies involved?

In case you are young enough for what is objectively the best children’s show in the world to have passed you by, the Teletubbies is a bizarre show about a group of strange doll-like creatures that knock about eating custard and interacting with a baby in a sun and a vacuum cleaner. It originally aired in the late nineties and was recommissioned for a reboot in 2014 (but let’s not talk about that).

After the motley crew took to Twitter to say that they had got their vaccines, people were thoroughly confused.

Some observant people pointed out that something didn’t add up, given the Teletubbies were born in 1997 but their vaccine cards claimed they were born in 2003.

Others were jealous that the Teletubbies had got their jabs before them:

Someone joked that the Teletubbies had stopped them from being an anti-vaxxer:

And others were thoroughly confused and horrified about what a “Tubby hot summer” would entail:

People realised that the vaccine news revealed new facts about the gang, like that they are susceptible to disease and that they have their own pharmaceutical companies:

And someone merely said:

Imagine if someone told you in 2019 that in 2021, the Teletubbies would be persuading you to get vaccinated to combat a global pandemic...

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