Henry Cavill building a computer from scratch is just what you need today

Henry Cavill building a computer from scratch is just what you need today

Henry Cavill has been showcasing his sense of humour and thirst trapping abilities by filming himself building a computer from scratch. And people are very flustered by it.

Honestly, who would have thought that in the middle of a pandemic an Instagram post about the love of gaming would be the incentive someone used to show off their muscles ... and be so obvious about it?

No one is complaining, though, because that’s what thirst traps are for. And it is safe to say that Cavill has won Instagram.

Some of us spend hours thinking up captions, re-drafting our puns, changing up the filters for our 300 followers, but not Cavill. Nope, he seemed to have please his 12.2 million followers by just being the self-confessed gaming nerd that he is.

The 'Man of Steel' actor, otherwise known as one of the best Supermen ever, could win a Pulitzer prize alone for the caption for his video. So, it's no wonder it has 3 million views in just 20 hours.

The sass has not gone unnoticed, and neither did the "parts" he mentioned.

While we are at it, somebody should hand him an Oscar for Best Sound just for soundtracking the video with You’re The First, The Last, My Everything by Barry White. Class touch.

As you can see, the video has left a lot of people very flustered:

Cavill is something of an enthusiast, and has made it known that he prefers to be at home playing games on his PC rather than mingling with A-Listers on a Hollywood night-out.

He previously told GQ:

Every time I step out my front door, I’m hyper aware. Even if I’m not looking terrible, you still realise there are people taking sneaky photos of you, because that’s what people like to do. And then they put them on the Internet and you see them on Instagram and you’re like, ‘Oh, my god.’

At home, I get to sit playing games for ridiculous amounts of hours and escape there, because going outside has the opposite effect.

When it comes to his love of technology, Cavill explained to NME last December:

I’ve not quite ventured into building my own myself. I definitely have had custom PCs over the years. That’ll be the next project, as soon as I find enough time - and the bravery - I might put my own PC together.

If only he used some of his free time during the pandemic to live-stream himself building another computer, because judging by the reaction to this, it's what the people really want.

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